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Welcome to Autobahn

Your fast paced resource for news, tips, and advice from European car specialist, Chris Hall.

I’ve been working on cars for a half of a century. My grandfather was a mechanic and I started tinkering on autos with him when I was eight years old. Later on I became enthralled with European cars through my father. You see, he was not only a European car technician, he was a somewhat well-known race car driver who competed in an Alfa Romeo, scoring his biggest win at the famous Watkins Glen Race Track in New York.

Eventually, I started to focus on German cars. To me, they are just better. Better engineered. Better built. It takes specialized training, practice, and years of experience to become adept at diagnosing, fixing, and maintaining these finest of automobiles. I’ve spent decades honing my skills.

Auto-Tech Auto Ltd Inc is the culmination of all my years of experience. And now it is time for me to pass along my knowledge. Just as my business is not just a garage, but a community of friends with like passions, I’m building an online community as well.

Welcome to Autobahn!

If you have a passion for maintaining your fine European auto, I hope to be a resource for news, information, tips, and advice.


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