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Aftermarket Build-outs and Upgrades

If you’re like me, your car is more than just a mode of transportation. It could be a worthwhile hobby, a way to enhance your lifestyle, or simply a source of pride. I know this is the case for many of my clients at Auto-Tech Ltd Inc.

Recently, I’ve been tweaking one of my own vehicles to enhance my lifestyle. I’ve boosted the suspension and put on larger tires. I added a bumper kit with a winch and oversized lights. Next, I plan on installing an oversized awning that will automatically extend and contract.

How will these modifications enhance my lifestyle? I’ve been wanting to explore Maine more, and do some light camping. The new suspension and tires will help me reach places I might not otherwise. If I get into a jam I’ve got a winch. And I can just park and extend my awning. No tent needed!

There are many aftermarket upgrades that can boost performance. Upgraded suspension kits, tires, turbo chargers, air intakes, brake parts, fuel injectors, and even spark plugs are just some of the many.

I enjoy helping people to boost their car’s performance, add elements that help make their lives more fun, or even re-build a car almost from scratch. These are some of the reasons why I chose to become a Premier Performance distributor.

This gives me direct access to over 450,000 of the best parts in stock with quick delivery, plus distributor pricing and shipping. As a boutique shop, I get to pass along better pricing to my clients.

Let me know if you want to build a car together!

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